Originally, this was one of my earliest models which I completed around 3-4 years ago when beginning on my modelling journey. I did not find the quality up to par, so I decided to revamp it by fully redoing the mesh and improving the texturing. Originally my model was of lower polygon count, but it also had a lot of needless polygons and vertices in unnecessary places, so I decided to start over, making it higher topology but also more efficient to achieve a higher quality.

I am quite pleased with the ending result and I feel that the model has a good balance of grunge and cleanliness, as well as an ornamented but not overly ornate look that overall compliments the model. Originally I was going to go for a realistic aesthetic however during the texturing process I realised that stylisation can really compliment a model whereas realism often looks more rigid and emanating less character. So I exaggerated the dirt on the handle and the normal map of the patterns on the hilt, and I believe this contrast in the texturing made the model more pleasing to the eye.