With this model I was inspired by replicas of Persian shields from the Safavid period, but they also existed in other regions of the middle-east. I chose this type of shield specifically for its intricate patterns, I knew that it would require me to dramatically improve my texturing abilities.

This is the outcome of the work. The model definitely demanded me to go a level higher. With this model I had to create the texture from scratch with no alpha or stencil maps to use to my disposal, and via the fact I created custom texture maps specifically for the model, and then I had to create specular, glossiness and normal maps in order to achieve my desired effect. For more context, I decided to use the specular-glossiness workflow for this model as I thought it would really amplify the shiny but also reflective look that I was aiming for. This really taught me on specular-roughness values and in order for the material to look good in a varied array of lighting environments.